Need unique middle & high School supplemental materials?

WHAT ON EARTH? Series by, Christopher Lloyd to be distributed in the U.S. sooooon!!!
I completed a consultation on a very unique product this week. What on Earth? Series -Timeline Wall Books are AMAZING! Endorsed by The Museum of Natural History!

Plays of Shakespeare, History, Science, Nature and Sports.

Each oversized book contains a “comic style” fold out time line FULL of “cross curricular”, informational text relating to the main topic. The font is tiny BUT they include an extremely cool MAGNIFYER. The Magnifier alone had me fully engrossed and excited to read! The voice and point of view of Christopher Lloyd speaks to middle school and high school students as the detailed illustrations enhance meaning and tone.

WAIT! The best part is…

Text to Text Connections!!! Fiction & non-fiction pairings!! Close Reading!!!

There is a “WALLBOOK CHRONICLE” following the pullout time line that relates to the content. This newspaper style text is full of articles, advertisements, letters, crosswords puzzles, even a 50 question quiz to check for comprehension. An amazingly thoughtful, fun experience!

And… There is a Giant 10 foot laminated timeline to keep up in your classroom for endless teachable moments.

*definitely meets STEAM requirements!

Engaging, relevant, thought provoking, fun!!!!

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