Moving narrative non-fiction!

I recently reviewed a list of titles for Enchanted Lion Books. I was moved by the vivid, descriptive text and gorgeous illustrations created by Jenni Desmond in The Blue Whale and The Polar Bear.

The detailed illustrations support the content as well as create emotion. This non-fiction narrative reads like a story book with many examples of figurative language and nuances in word meanings. Jenni Desmond has added some text features; detailed labels that enhance the meaning and call out important body features of the Blue Whale and Polar Bear.

Each book describes the behaviors and characteristics of each animal using relatable comparisons; Humans, trucks, cars, milk bottles, tree stumps… enabling the reader to make text to self and text to world connections.

The Blue Whale and The Polar Bear will make a great addition to any K-5 classroom. Whether on the classroom library book shelf, as a treasured read a loud or in a science center;

These are a keeper!


Guided Reading Level O

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