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The role of leveling books is to support and inform students as well as teachers and parents, in selecting appropriate reading materials. Matching books to readers will help students become successful at monitoring their own reading. This will increase their ability and confidence. Children become turned off to reading when books are too difficult!!!!!!!

The following components are used to interpret the difficulty of the readability of a book: length, size of font, layout, punctuation, illustrations, use of vocabulary and language, content, theme, ideas, text structure, and plot and character development. As the gradient, or text level increases more demands are made on the reader. Depending on the reader’s level, the text may be easy and relaxing, difficult and frustrating, or have the right balance of support and challenge.

Children who are beginning to make sense of print are called “Emergent readers,” level A and B.  “Early readers” are reading picture books and have a sight word vocabulary. They are beginning to monitor their own understanding of the text, levels B-G. Children who can read early chapter books and longer picture books, silently and fluently, and do not rely on picture cues are “Transitional readers”, levels H-M. “Self- extending readers,” levels N-R, will apply reading strategies as they encounter different kinds of text and a variety of new words. They can analyze and make excellent attempts at multisyllable words. “Advanced- readers,” levels S-Z, have passed the “learning to read” phase. Advanced readers sustain their interest and understanding of longer texts over extended periods of time.

Please note that these are READING LEVELS, not INTEREST LEVELS. Many of the titles that are too difficult for children to read independently can be read aloud by a teacher or parent.

Leveling books will give your customers an opportunity to guide children and young adults in reading appropriate materials. This will foster of lifelong love of reading!!!!!