I LOVE The Amazing Scientist and How to Survive series!

I just completed a consult for The Innovation Press. Non-fiction and NOT boring!

If you are looking for informational text in unique and interesting formats this is the place to be! Plus… both series are leveled and aligned to instructional standards and Next Generation science.

The Amazing Scientist series- Girl power! Inspirational stories of women in science who have overcome incredible hurdles; racial and gender discrimination as well as autism. These women prove to boys and girls that with a lot of perseverance, hard work and support you can accomplish anything! “Being different is not less”

This biography series is told in verse. The rhythm and rhyme are spot on. A wonderful read a loud, shared or independent read! Amazing, bold illustrations support and enhance meaning. I love the back matter. It includes interview with Temple Grandin and Dr. Bath, facts, and an illustrated time line. I can’t wait to see who is next in the line up!

Guided Reading Level- O
                   Guided Reading Level O

The How to Survive series is hysterical! Students learn about life science through the point of view of the animal (Captain Firefly & Pirate shark). The format is a hybrid with comic style speech bubbles and factual side text. A great fiction/non-fiction pairing. Other informational text features include a glossary and factual back matter. The content runs deep, putting this series at a Guided Reading Level Q, grade 4; however the interest level is 1-5. The illustrations bring the characters to life as they enhance meaning and the humorous tone.

Guided Reading Level Q
                     Guided Reading Level Q

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