Axel & Beast has Strong Themes of Science and Technology

I just completed a consult for Kane Miller (always a great list of series). New on the list is Axel & Beast by Adrian C. Bott. Sometimes we feel like we cannot compete with video games and computers to interest our “gamers”… Well here is a series that is about a gamer who has a robot called “Beast” and the action and humor are non-stop!

The Main character Axel has gaming skills that prove to be useful in moving the plot along. Contemporary and techy vocabulary (Google maps, Apps) and bold type enhance the meaning and tone of the adventure. There are many “laugh out loud” moments that are created through figurative language and nuances in word meaning.

Volumes 1-4 are out and will engage even the pickiest reader grades 1-5. This series is perfect for grade 5 readers who need simple sentence structure, large font and adequate spacing. Not intimidating in the least!

Strong themes of science and technology, especially saving the Earth’s natural resources!

Guided Reading Level R, grade 4

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