A Perfect Edgar Allan Poe Pairing for October!

I love these new releases!!!! Grab some popcorn, and get ready to squirm!

(Q) Why read Edgar Allan Poe?

(A) Because the stories and poems are:

Thrilling,Dark humorous,moral,scary,timeless,& beautiful!

Reading Edgar Allan Poe allows us to visit our fears in fiction; confront our own demons through reading and experiencing his stories and poems.

Read the stories of Edgar Allan Poe in Graphic Style! Two very different graphic formats; “Illustrated stories” & “Classic Manga”; both adaptations translate Poe’s descriptive prose into a visual experience.

Another thumbs up for Enchanted Lion Books!

Gobble this up!! GENIOUS!!!! An alphabet book with wit and substance!!!!

Take Away the A An AlphaBeast Book is in my top ten in this category! Imaginative, well illustrated and USEFUL in teaching reading foundation, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills Grades K-5.

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Need unique middle & high School supplemental materials?

WHAT ON EARTH? Series by, Christopher Lloyd to be distributed in the U.S. sooooon!!!
I completed a consultation on a very unique product this week. What on Earth? Series -Timeline Wall Books are AMAZING! Endorsed by The Museum of Natural History!

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Axel & Beast has Strong Themes of Science and Technology

I just completed a consult for Kane Miller (always a great list of series). New on the list is Axel & Beast by Adrian C. Bott. Sometimes we feel like we cannot compete with video games and computers to interest our “gamers”… Well here is a series that is about a gamer who has a robot called “Beast” and the action and humor are non-stop!

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I LOVE The Amazing Scientist and How to Survive series!

I just completed a consult for The Innovation Press. Non-fiction and NOT boring!

If you are looking for informational text in unique and interesting formats this is the place to be! Plus… both series are leveled and aligned to instructional standards and Next Generation science.

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My nose is literally and perpetually in a book!

About me: I work with authors and publishers from around the world reading and reviewing children’s and young adult books all day. (Best job in the world). I would love to share classic and new titles as well as themed collections that I am over the top, crazy about. (Yes, books do this to me!)

Let’s get kiddos excited, motivated and invested. Let me know what you think…