Another thumbs up for Enchanted Lion Books!

Gobble this up!! GENIOUS!!!! An alphabet book with wit and substance!!!!

Take Away the A An AlphaBeast Book is in my top ten in this category! Imaginative, well illustrated and USEFUL in teaching reading foundation, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills Grades K-5.

This alphabet book has repetative, consistent text.

Each page begins “without the __(A, B, C, D…)

Letters are taken away to make new words and readers experience funny, engaing sentences using both words!!!  Gorgeous illustrations support meaning and enhance humorous tone.  So clever.


“Without the D, DICE are ICE.”

With its “beastly” theme and imaginitive ideas, Take Away the A is “mazing”… I mean AMAZING (hee hee)

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GRL J, Grade 1

GRL K, Grade 2

GRL K, Grade 2

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