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Read-Ability: Educational Consulting

We Read

Working with publishers we read and review 1000's of front and back list titles every year to determine readability and relevance to instructional standards.

We Research

We research current trends to understand the changing needs of the classroom. We have to meet the needs of many unique Individuals and match books to readers based on curriculum and text characteristics.

We Communicate

We communicate our knowledge to publishers and educators, making strong connections between books and their role in creating positive learning outcomes.


We bridge the gap between publishing and education- Informing the publishing world about the needs and current trends in the classroom.


My nose is literally and perpetually in a book!

About me: I work with authors and publishers from around the world reading and reviewing children’s and young adult books all day. (Best job in the world). I would love to share classic and new titles as well as themed collections that I am over the top, crazy about. (Yes, books do this to me!)

Let’s get kiddos excited, motivated and invested. Let me know what you think…


Not Your Ordinary Book Store… EXTRAORDINARY!

We’d like you to take a moment and think about the impact you just made on a student. At some point A child or young adult will pick up a book and it will take them on a journey that will ultimately deepen, challenge and clarify their understanding of life in some capacity. –Marla Conn

Featured Collection: The Dish on Diversity

Diversity strengthens the human experience.

“For all of our differences, we are one people and we can either choose to live separately and in exile from each other or we can choose to live in belonging. When other cultures are familiar, then the possibility exists for our children to live in a post-racist society. I sincerely believe that literature can be a powerful tool for human understanding.”

Benjamin Saenz -award-winning poet, novelist, and author of children’s books

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  • “Marla is always an absolute pleasure to work with. She works diligently and quickly, which is very much appreciated in the busy publishing world!”
    Cheryl Eissing
    Editorial Assistant
    HarperCollins Children's Books
  • "Marla provides an exceptional service for publishers and authors.  Not only is she a highly accurate leveler, she also provides incredible insight into how to make a title more valuable to students and teachers."
    Asia Citro
    Innovation Press
  • “Marla has been instrumental in providing us leveling and common core correlations. She is a great resource and a lovely person to work with as a partner."
    Arianne McHugh
    Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc.
  • “We have worked with Marla for several years to level our books for the education market. Marla is always timely, responsive to our questions and friendly. She has a solid grasp of the leveling process and we've always been more than satisfied with her work."
    Sarah Spencer
    Publishing Professional
  • “Marla is my go-to for fast, reliable, and quality leveling. I work for an international publisher and my deadlines are always extremely tight. Marla can be counted on to work within my timelines and offer fabulous services for the right price. I can’t recommend her enough."
    Rebecca Rissman
    Writer and Editor
  • “Marla is a very knowledgable and professional resource in educational publishing and marketing. She's great to work with, is an excellent communicator, and makes her deadlines. I highly recommend her."
    David Wexler
    Executive Vice President
    Sales at Lerner Publishing Group
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About Marla Conn, MS, Ed.

My work with students, parents, publishers, authors, and educators has given me a deep understanding of how the reading process, books, environment, and implementation of instruction can provide rich, meaningful experiences that build a strong foundation in literacy skills and will allow ALL students to achieve a love of reading and learning. It is the job of a “community” to create a stimulating, positive, learning environment where all children will be successful.

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